As technology increases in complexity it becomes more difficult to translate innovative technical concepts into terms that non-experts will understand. Watt Knowledge offers a rarely available range of marketing services that starts at the technical, engineering level and builds the marketing story from there.  This enables technical experts to talk in their own language knowing it will be translated accurately for them.

Whilst Watt Knowledge is predominately a technology focused team, we can apply the market leading digital marketing knowledge to any industry who need an acceleration in their digital marketing.

We know it’s all about it’s all about providing the right level of marketing expertise when it’s needed so offer the following services:

  • Marketing Mashup : A bespoke marketing approach for specific marketing needs
  • Marketing Mentor : Got a team that temporarily need some extra guidance?
  • Marketing Angel : Investing marketing knowledge at the early stage of a company’s evolution
  • Mind the Gap : Need short term help with technical marketing experience?
  • Don’t Know : Need marketing help but not sure what? No problem, give us a call

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