The Internet of Things Smartens Up the Office

Last year we heard a lot about the smart home and this year it’s all about Industry 4.0 and the smart factory. But what about the smart office?  What are the benefits and what IoT innovations can make our offices truly smart?

Improved productivity, energy efficiency and pleasurable work environment are key drivers for smart offices but it’s not just a case of installing some plants. IoT inventions are enabling offices to implement smart devices that benefit both employer and employee with Gartner predicting that from 2018 devices targeted at smart buildings will

“take the lead as connectivity is driven into
 higher-volume, lower cost devices”

Intelligent sensors capture data about energy consumption and space usage which can be used to improve the way office buildings are being used. Automated energy efficient lighting adjusts brightness and tone to have a positive effect on people’s moods. Connected devices allow employees to work seamlessly with each other irrespective of physical location.

Cisco Canada’s Toronto HQ is a great example of what a smart office can offer. 

The idea is to improve employee experience and productivity whilst also using less energy and reducing costs. Whilst you don’t have your own, same desk every day, being able to adjust various settings at the one you’re at on any particular day makes that space really personal to you.

As the smart office moves from being something of the future to something of the present, companies are not only looking at how they can change their own offices but also provide devices and apps for this new way of working.  Last month Sony launched Nimway, which is aimed at companies with 200+ employees and enables them to:

  • Navigate their way to their next meeting on time
  • Find available meeting rooms
  • Locate their colleagues

However, for Facilities departments, it also provides valuable data about how the office is being used enabling them to implement the necessary changes to make the space and resources more efficient.

IoT innovations are facilitating a new way of working that offers a better work experience for employees and employers. Throughout all areas, technology can be leveraged for better efficiency, productivity and work experience. The smart office is becoming a reality to join the smart home and smart factory. The question is – are we becoming any smarter ourselves?